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Version: Life is Two Locked Boxes

Each Holding the Other's Key

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FRIENDING: Leave a comment for me on my friend's only post. When leaving a comment please let me know who you are, how I know you and, if you should feel so inclined, what we have in common. Leaving a comment doesn't mean you're going to be automatically added back. I'd prefer that we know each other at least a little bit first!

about me...

Welcome to my personal journal! If you're looking for graphics, you're in the wrong place! bustix_icons is my graphics journal.

That being said, here's what you can expect from this journal. I'm a very random person, and strange things happen to me all the time, so things get pretty entertaining around here. I'm a proud Canadian, but I have also have a deep appreciation for a variety of other cultures (especially Asian cultures). Most of my time is spent making graphics, but I also love to read, write and fangirl over various obsessions. I am currently interested in various JE groups (such as KAT-TUN, Kanjani8, Arashi and others), Japanese culture, Merlin, and Marvel movies (especially the Avengers)!