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03 March 2011 @ 15:03
Some Poems  
Oh, that I were a cat. Sleeping at home on a nice warm bed
I wouldn’t be here, if I were that cat.
Rather, I’d be sleeping at home on a nice warm bed.
I would not be forced to contemplate things
Very little would be asked of me
All I’d have to do:
Use the litter box
Eat my supper
Wash myself
And these are things I would more likely be asking for myself.
So why, oh God, am I not a cat sleeping at home on a nice warm bed?
Because I am human
And I must learn instead.

Super small type never helped anyone
All it does is cause headaches, and that will not do
The sky outside is not blue
I have no statistics, but I’m fairly sure that over half our lives are spent waiting for stuff to happen
The actual happening, the event, makes up half of that half of our lives.
The sky outside still is not blue.
It still does not do to cause headaches
I’m looking at you, small type.
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Jasmine: Garfield Bubblemissiridescence on 4th March 2011 05:25 (UTC)
These poems are really nice! I enjoyed reading them. ^^